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How To Manage Slack Like a Boss!

Getting important information while you're working remotely can be difficult. There is a huge problem of keeping track of what everyone is talking about on your Slack team, especially if you’re a founder or in a leadership position.

In all these cases, you want the things that matter to your team delivered to you fast but without having to dig through thousands of lines of chat logs to find them.

Why is it a huge problem?

  • A founder has 100 different things to do and care about, whereas as a senior manager or executive, you cannot look at each conversation and figure out what needs to be done.

  • There is simply no time to read long Slack conversations and it is impossible to remember all the information you came across in the day, which becomes frustrating!

  • No one wants to miss a message that's critical for their business but every Slack channel is a firehose of information and actions and too many messages within Slack drown out important things.

"As a manager, I maintain 13 different google docs for each of my employees, its painstaking for me but I do it to help everyone for their 1:1's"

- One of our early users

The solution:

Poppins eliminates the noise in Slack and sends the most important information in a digest.

  • It gives you a quick summary of all your Slack activity, as well as the ability to locate and act on messages quickly and efficiently.

  • Poppins powers transparency on teams with conversation summaries - built around priorities and impact.

  • Poppins brings actionable intelligence to Slack, prioritizing what’s most important for you and the team so you can get things done!

Slack is one of the best tools out there for keeping a remote team in sync and Poppins is your favorite companion to it. Use it to turn your Slack digestible, so you only see what matters and focus on the things that matter.

Check out we're happy to answer any queries here, feel free to comment below.


- Team Poppins

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