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Context Switching on Slack kills Productivity.

Slack is a very useful communication platform, with more than 600,000 teams using it in 2019, it has become the future of work. Slack is awesome but organizing team communication takes a lot of your time and to manage it, teams go back and forth with project management and ticketing tools.

Context switching has emerged as one of the biggest Pain-Point for users. They are confused about who is doing what. Forgetting your own tasks or confusing one task with another is another pitfall. Team members ask each other about the updates on multiple channels and the information is often lost or remains invisible.

If you are not sure about your own company, don’t worry you are not alone!

Poppins is a productivity app on Slack, inspired by the founder’s own experience at work, using Slack for more than a year.

Poppins helps teams to create end-to-end visibility of executions.

Poppins allows to convert any Slack message into an “Action item” or a “Discussion Topic”, relevant people are made as Owners or Collaborators helping them to take it up.

When someone takes up an item, it becomes an “In-progress item” visible for everyone in the team.

And, When the item is completed, it goes into a Done’s report, for everyone to know that the task was knocked off!

All this happens while you’re on Slack without switching context.

There’s more to Poppins! ( Discover it here: )

Poppins has been featured as the #1 Productivity app “New & Noteworthy Slack app” with more than 125+ teams already using it globally within 3 weeks of launch.

I would love to invite you to try Poppins if you’re using Slack, One of the founders ( I (Mayank Mishra) or Manjunath Somashekar will personally onboard you. )

Happy to connect and tell you more about Poppins on Linkedin or Twitter.

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