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A step-by-step guide on how to install and use Poppins on Slack.

A brief overview:

3 steps to make Slack actionable

Step 1: Capture items on Poppins

Add a Slack message as an action item, discussion topic, or highlight. Add items using a) mention  @poppins or
b) In DM's, use shortcuts [:]

Step 2: Manage items on Digest

Digests help you manage your items. Use command to pull digest anywhere on Slack. /poppins

Step 3: Track items on dones report

Dones report has all your items marked as completed and you can check your weekly items here. /poppins dones

Add @poppins to your team's channel's.

Mention @poppins in a channel, Slack will automatically ask you to invite and add it.

Adding Poppins to a channel allows team members to capture and view action items, discussion topics, and highlights.

To capture a message as an action item, just tag  @Poppins 

action item.png

Collaborate with your team by just mentioning them in a comment @User1 @User2,.. 
to assign, notify, update, and follow-up on tasks directly in messages.

To capture a message as a highlight, tag  @Poppins and add #highlight


To capture a message as a discussion item, tag @Poppins  and type  #discuss

Shortcuts  for action items, discussion topics, and highlights are available on every message.

In DM's @Poppins is not supported, hence use shortcuts [:]

/poppins digest.gif

To pull your Poppins digest for a channel, just type  /Poppins   

Poppins home    

Find and track every item in one place, inside Slack.

Poppins Nudge
automatic nudges to complete your action items.

Poppins commands on Slack:

/Poppins - Poppins control center (most common) 

/Poppins digest - Opens the current digest   

/Poppins mydigest - Opens your digest   

/Poppins dones - Opens your dones report

/Poppins help - Opens help widget

Now try it out yourselves!
Need help or curious to learn more? Write to us at support or book a Demo
📢 Poppins Chrome extension is available for early access, request here to try. 
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