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Remote work becomes better with Slack.

Last year, millions of knowledge workers turned their way towards remote work.

While there were some initial hiccups, it is slowly making its way as the new normal. Communication platforms like Slack are becoming the digital headquarters for companies.

Slack is rolling out a new scheduled send feature especially for teams who work across time zones. The schedule message feature will let users schedule messages to send at a later time and date.

The scheduled send feature adds a new drop-down arrow to the popular green button in Slack’s interface. Clicking the drop-down menu will reveal a new menu that allows for scheduling a message for a particular thread, channel, and personal chat. Mobile users will be able to access a similar menu by long-pressing on the send button in the Slack app on Android and iOS devices.

The new schedule later feature offers both pre-filled options for example: “Monday morning at 9:00 AM” as well as the ability to set a custom date and time to send a message. Messages can be scheduled up to 4 months in advance, and users will be able to reschedule, edit, or delete scheduled messages before they’re sent.

Slack is making a lot of efforts to pave way for the future of work with flexible principles, where it hopes that the work will not only become easier, better, more productive, and maybe even a little more joyful.

some of the other features which make remote work a lot easier are:

Slack Huddle: Recreate the spontaneous and informal discussions that you miss from the office.

Video, voice, and screen recordings: Embrace flexible alternatives to the endless stream of meetings.

Poppins is solving the problem of being productive while working async with the concept called "No-Ask updates" which essentially implies that stakeholders don't have to wait for each other to ask, send or even schedule one more meeting or wait for an update but on the other hand, provides a way where it happens organically and in real-time.

Poppins's No-Ask updates help in bringing transparency and productivity for the entire team on Slack.

Poppins was recently featured as the "Product of the week" on remote tools for its productivity-led approach to managing Slack.

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