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Convert Slack messages into action items and 

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save an hour every day.

Centralize your tasks within Slack and never miss out on anything.


Don't just take our word, hear what our users say:

customer review of Poppins app
customer review of Poppins app
customer review of Poppins app
customer review of Poppins app
customer review of Poppins app

..and many more!

Poppins is  loved by teams at:


800+ global teams!


Why choose Poppins?

  1. Turn your conversations into action items! ✅ 

  2. Stop wasting time juggling multiple tools to organize your action items. 🚀

  3. Collaborate with your team on shared action items, within Slack. ✍️

  4. Poppins will automatically follow up and update the tasks for collaborators. 🎉

  5. Easy and lightweight to use! ⭐️

The #1 Productivity tool on Slack

Useful for everyone on the team including:
CXOs | Managers | Sales | Customer Support | Operations | Product | Marketing | Design | Tech​ | HR  

Capture anything,  anywhere.​
Avoid switching context and never miss out on your asks and updates. Poppins works where you work! 

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Poppins helps you collaborate on action items within Slack.

To collaborate on an action item just add @username along with @poppins and that's it!

To view all the action items for a particular channel or DM just type  " /Poppins" in a message field and send or click on the Poppins app. 

With Poppins,  all  y our action items are  encrypted.

Start making your Slack actionable.

📢 Poppins is now available as a Chrome extension. Request early access here .
Join our Slack community to experience Poppins. 
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