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I'm Brad.

Freelance Copywriter

and marketing nerd.


I'm Brad.

Copywriter & Marketing Nerd.


I write the words that make people love your business.

Words you'll want to share on the web, drive traffic to, and get seen everywhere. 

Not because they are enjoyable to read... but because when people read these words they buy more of your products.

That means I write things like:

  • Sales pages that convert better
  • Email funnels that make subscribers buy
  • Adverts that visitors want to click

Have you really got the time and know-how to write copy that sells?

No? Then let me do it for you.


Bradley Stevens. But just call me Brad.

Working with me is really easy. You won't have to hold my hand.

Just start with one casual email to let me know that you're interested, and we'll have an informal chat about your business, your goals, and where you want help.

If it sounds like I can help you, I'll write you a proposal that details exactly what I believe you need to do next and how I can fill in the missing pieces.

Nothing is set-in-stone until you're happy with the proposal.

I get nerdy about marketing and relentlessly study what converts, so I'll come to your project with strong ideas and the strategies to implement them too.

what can I do for you?

If there's a call-to-action, I write it. But these are the big four that I do best:

Sales Pages

Sales funnels, product descriptions, upsells... if it moves someone towards buying, I'll write it.

Email Sequences

Nurture sequences for new leads or customers, product launch funnels, evergreen automations, and more.

Killer Content

Like blog posts but better. High quality long-form articles rank well in Google and heat up cold traffic quickly.

Advert Copy

Ready to advertise on Facebook or Google? I'll write advert headlines, body copy and CTAs that get more clicks.

MY experience

Writing Experience


Content Marketer

Thrive Themes

I work for Thrive Themes in their marketing team, writing blog content, landing pages, email sequences and sales email copy.

2009 - PRESENT

Freelance Copywriter


I've written copy for various businesses over the years including Dan Martell, Cinematic Composing, Feel Tennis, StationX, and more.

EARLY 2007 - LATE 2008

Lead Writer / Editor

LaVish Channel

I worked for 18 months as the Lead Writer / Editor for a digital lifestyle magazine, including writing email, brochure and marketing copy.


University Studies

FEB 2005 - DECEMBER 2007

Professional Writing

Curtin University / Perth

Bachelor's Degree in Communications & Cultural studies, minoring in Professional Writing from Curtin University of Western Australia.



This is killer copy Brad. My first email, which was the usual ‘buy before it’s too late’ script did 19.3% CTR on opens and 3.6% conversions on clicks. My second email using your copy modified to suit did 15.5% CTR on opens, and a record-breaking (for me) 14.5% conversions on clicks. So the opens and CTR went down – which is not unusual for weekends in my market, but the conversion rate was off the charts – I literally sold twice as many copies on half as many opens. Thanks so much!

Nigel G


A lot of my copywriting is ghost written, meaning you won't see that I wrote it and I can't share it. But here are some popular blog posts I've written that I can share.

Evergreen content that Google loves.

Study evergreen sales funnels from the best.

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