How to Host a Virtual Meeting on Slack

Host Virtual Meeting Slack

Setting Up Your Slack for Virtual Meetings Begin by evaluating your existing channels and user groups. It’s important to have dedicated channels for different projects or topics to help team members easily locate discussions and resources related to their specific tasks or interests. Consider creating a dedicated channel for virtual meetings where agendas, minutes, and […]

Effective Use of Slack Threads

Slack Thread Use

Initiating Threads Like a Pro The decision to begin a thread should stem from the need to delve deeper into a specific point or question that arises in the main channel conversation. This could be a follow-up question, a request for further clarification, or a related but distinct topic that warrants its own discussion. The […]

Building a Knowledge Hub with Slack Pins and Stars

Slack Stars

Grasping Slack’s Pinning Power Effective communication within teams requires the prioritization of certain information. Pinning serves as the mechanism by which such priority is assigned within Slack channels. Team members can mark specific messages or documents—those that contain information requiring frequent reference or immediate prominence—to ensure they remain visible and accessible to all members of […]

Slack Command Line Interface (CLI) Basics

Command Line Interface Slack

The Slack CLI is a set of tools and commands that allows you to interact with the Slack platform through your terminal or command prompt. Just like you would use Slack’s GUI to send messages, upload files, or join channels, the CLI lets you do all of these and more with text-based commands. CLI offers […]

Conducting Polls and Surveys Within Slack

Surveys Slack

Creating a simple poll can be as easy as typing a message in a channel or a direct message. If you want to know your team’s preference on a topic, just ask a question and use emoji reactions for answers. For more structured feedback, Slack offers more sophisticated polling options requiring either built-in commands or […]

Enhancing Your Slack Profile

Slack Profile Enhancing

Your profile picture is the visual cornerstone of your Slack identity. It’s the first thing people see, so making a good impression counts. For better recognizability, opt for a recent, clear headshot where your face is visible. This approach fosters trust and connection, especially in remote work settings where face-to-face interactions are limited. Avoid cluttered […]

Slack for Project Management

Project Management Slack

Create channels for each project or team, ensuring a structured, dedicated space for relevant discussions. Inviting team members to the right channels keeps everyone in the loop without cluttering other conversations with unrelated information. The first step in project tracking is establishing a well-organized structure. In Slack, this structure is best achieved through the use […]

The Power of Slack Search

Search with Slack

Slack’s search is designed to let users comb through conversations and share content across all channels they are part of. By entering keywords into the search bar, you can begin to filter out specific messages, documents, or discussions relevant to your query. That’s just scratching the surface of what Slack search can do. Advanced Search […]

Integrating Apps and Services with Slack

Integrating Services Slack

Project Management and Collaboration Tools Project management tools help teams plan, track, and execute work. Effective management is critical for ensuring project alignment with organizational goals and successful delivery within time and budget constraints. Collaboration tools complement this by facilitating communication, improving visibility, and enabling continuous teamwork. Asana is a popular project management tool designed […]

Customizing Slack Notifications

Slack Notification Customizing

There are four primary notification categories: direct messages (DMs), mentions and keywords, channel messages, and reminders. Each can be customized based on your preference and relevance to your work.   The Art of Notification Personalization Direct Messages (DMs) in Slack are used for urgent communication or private discussions that may not be suited for public […]